CMI Management Gold: Neuroscience for Leadership
Promoting the winning book in the ‘Practical Manager’ category, a short animation created for the CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2016. The category winning animation was showcased at the British Library for the CMI Awards.

Category Winning Book: Neuroscience for Leadership by Tara Swart, Kitty Chisholm and Paul Brown
Client: Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
Motion Graphics: Tasnim Nawshin
Sound Design: Sam Stubbing
Music Composer: Kieun Bae

Concept: Brain Maze Game. A set of neurones team up to get to the centre (hypothalamus) of the brain. During their journey, each of the neurones are found to be completing a level to get to the next round. The levels depicts the three focuses/skills mentioned in the book: take good decisions, to think creatively and improve their performance. In the last scene, the neurones arrive at the hypothalamus of the brain in an astonishing sight which moves to the end frame of an extreme long shot of the category winning 'Neuroscience for Leadership' book.
Level 1: Swashes of blood on either side of the neurone. Neurone character has to make a big decision on how to cross and get through the two red blood cells. 
Level 2: A sea of blood shown at the start of the scene where the second neurone character makes the big jump. This then transits into a visual of the synapse bridge. The synapse is an important part of the brain , as scientifically it said to be that a neurone has to pass on chemical signals to another neurone by diffusion. 
Level 3: Differentiates two scenes from each other which consists of 2D and 3D animation. To achieve the 'creativity' goal, the third neurone turns into a ladder to save her team mates and progress quickly.
3D Model of the brain maze, with the Neuroscience book trophy and the grey crystalised level blocks, created using Cinema 4D.

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